Wednesday, December 11, 2013


One soul's wound may be another's coveted jewel!


In the realms of my inner mind lie dreams sheared
Of betrayals, of desertion and the power wrangle
Tests that friends have failed and strangers cleared
Where ties that bound turned ties that strangle

Every smile hurts, every step is a marathon effort
But I greet every dawn with a brighter smile
A pale shadow of all I ever stood for, I hurt
But I soldier on pushing myself yet another mile

The Force said the Oyster can teach us of Life
Its grace when it counters a grain of sand
Builds a pearl around the jabbing knife
And the Teacher’s word is my command

So thank your stars that I jump not the ship
As tempests loom I hold to the helm with a sigh
For a promise is a promise and I won’t ditch
So in death at least shall I hold my head high!


Santosh Loving..... said...

It really touched my heart. It takes a lot of passion to get such a flow. I admire your skill.

Kirti Pandey said...

Thanks Santosh. Yes, intensity of feelings and thought count as passion. And yes, it hurts too. :D Thanks for appreciating. Sorry, I discovered your comment late.

kuwar sonu said...

It took me to my schooling days. passion and joy these words enrich in me, I hv lost those in the face of reality .I am tired of fighting more with this world.

Kashyap said...